Should You Use A Retractable Leash On Your German Shepherd?

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One of the accessories your German Shepherd needs is a leash. It comes in several models including the
retractable leashes that are all the rage today. However, this type of leash offers no control or
protection for small dogs and even less for powerful breeds like German Shepherds. They can even be
dangerous for both the dog and its owner.

Discover 5 reasons why using a retractable leash with your
German Shepherd is not a good idea.

What’s A Retractable Leash?
Retractable leashes were created to give dogs more freedom when walking on a leash. This device
allows them, among other things, to move away from their master and return without getting tangled
in the leash.

Those who opt for this type of leash believe that it improves their dog’s quality of life. Indeed, they
believe that with a retractable leash their dog gets more exercise during walks and has more freedom of
movement, which allows them to better explore their environment.
Retractable leashes consist of a thin length of rope that is housed inside a plastic handle, which features
a spring-loaded device.

There is a button on the handle that controls the length of the cord. The latter can be extended up to
approximately 66 cm depending on the model. The handle is designed to make it easier to hold the

Why You Shouldn’t Use Them On Your German Shepherd
German Shepherds are known to be strong and fast dogs. If your dog decides to run, he can quickly
reach his leash length limit. He can then break the cord in his tracks and hurt himself by hitting
something like a car. It can also pull on your handle and hurt you.

When your German Shepherd’s leash is unwound to its maximum length, you no longer have control
over your dog. However, it is at this moment that he most need to be controlled. Indeed, if at this time
your German Shepherd encounters an aggressive dog, a person, a child, or a car, things can get out of
control and accidents can happen quickly.

Retractable leashes can cause injury to dogs. This is because if the leash is unwound all the way, your
German Shepherds may injure their necks and back due to the sudden stop and snapping motion. The leash
can also cause serious injuries to the trachea or even burns due to contact with the cord. If the dog
panics, other people or animals can get tangled in the leash cord and injure themselves.
But, it’s not just your German Shepherd that can hurt themselves with the retractable leash. You can
also injure yourself. Indeed, trying to control your dog, you can burn yourself because of the cord. You
can also injure your back or arm trying to pull on the leash. Finally, you can do a tumble by pulling on
the leash while your dog is pulling at the other end.

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