Month: June 2022

What attracts Termites?

None of us like insects to roam freely in our home, in the case of termites, they are much more than annoying, they are destructive and can damage your home and furniture, which will surely trigger more repair costs. But what attracts them? The truth is that a termite infestation does not occur simply by chance. There are specific conditions that make your home the right place for these insects.

Lots of Wood

It may seem obvious, that termites love wood of all kinds. What is not so obvious is that within their menu they include the pile of firewood that you may have in your yard, the tree stump in the garden, and even any live tree that is infested near your house. If you support the wood piles on the walls of the house you are providing an access point for termites to enter.

Decaying wood is a breeding ground for termite colonies. Live trees that come in contact with the outside of your house just provide another avenue for them to do damage, they often contain moisture, which is another thing termites need. For these reasons, you should keep all heating wood or pruning debris at a safe distance.

Poor Drainage

No one likes cleaning gutters and gutters, but putting off these tasks indefinitely can cause a lot more headaches than doing it. Clogged gutters can overflow, which can cause water to pool around your home. Again, moisture attracts termites, so you’re actually creating an otherwise avoidable hazard. Humidity is a very important factor in the development of a termite colony.

Warm and Dark Areas

Termites thrive when undetected. Spaces like basements or damp attics are among their favorite places to live. These quiet spaces are the perfect environment for them to develop as a complex colony, and as a result, they cause serious damage to wooden objects in your home (furniture, doors and their frames, windows, columns, beams, etc.).

That is why it is important to keep these spaces dry and fresh. You can inspect them for sources of moisture and make repairs when necessary. Dehumidifiers can also be of great help.

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